Phil Graves

Phil Graves’ Road to Kona

Phil Graves is a 20 year old Yorkshireman who this year has taken the triathlon world by storm.  When he crossed the finish line first at the UK Ironman in Bolton in August, he became the youngest ever winner of an Ironman event. Anywhere in the world. Ever.

Phil Graves Team ActivInstinct ironman triathlete

With that win he not only secured his place his first Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, but also served notice to the hoary old veterans of the Ironman that there’s a new kid on the scene, one with legs like industrial pistons.

In this series of blog posts, Phil writes about his preparation for Kona, his thoughts, his excitement, his goals.


The Road to Kona pt. 2

…the atmosphere is going to be something I have never experienced before and I will be racing against some guys who, really, I don’t think I should be as they are in a different league to me.  I just have to show them what a fat lad from Yorkshire can really do!

The Road to Kona pt.1

…life has for sure been such a rollercoaster since Ironman UK.  I don’t really know what to make of it all!  The two weeks after were a bit surreal, it took ages for things to sink in and even longer for me to recover…


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